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Food and Beverage

Delicious and incredibly tasty, chocolate is one of the world’s favourite foods. Chocolate appeals to everyone - adults and kids alike - and Barni’s Chocolate variant is the delicious, tasty bear that kids love.

"Left foot here, right foot a little bit higher," said Barni as he made his way up Chocolate Mountain. “Catch hold of this ridge with my paw then carefully secure myself in here.” The main thing is not to look down, he reassured himself. “I must concentrate on the peak. It’s only little further ahead! Besides, I’m a bear and I can climb and scramble. I promised a pile of chocolate for everyone and I don’t want to disappoint the children." After some time Barni made it to the top. “Finally I am here,” he cheered. “I’m on top of Chocolate Mountain and there’s plenty of chocolatey goodness for everyone."


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