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Al Osra

Food and Beverage

Al Osra Brand is the flagship brand for United Sugar Company of KSA, introduced into the Saudi market in April 2002 as the first marketing endeavour to brand such a commodity-based market. During this short journey, Al-Osra became the number one sugar brand in the Saudi market.

Al-Osra product is pure, fine, white sugar extracted from the best sugar canes with high quality that adheres to the European standards of Quality, EC2, utilising the latest technologies in refining, purification and packaging. The brand communication hammers on the number one key sugar attribute - that is, purity - and its end benefit, with clear market positioning aiming to educate sugar consumers to take a closer look at the sugar brand they consume and be able to identify pure sugar from a non-pure one using a simple purity test.

Considering Al Osra is a mass brand that has unmatched quality, value proposition and support, Al Osra brand is proving to be a trustworthy brand that is highly regarded by Saudi consumers.


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