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Food and Beverage

Establishment of "Majdi Center Company" was accompanied with the independence of the State of Kuwait in 1961.

With a half a century of experience in the field of grinding and packaging of spices, grains and herbs, depending on its history of accomplishments achieved by "Majdi Center Company" that is considered the first and leading one in the State of Kuwait, "Majd Food Company" seeks to develop work in this sector and expands in the food sector with its different specialties according to the highest quality standards presented by a technical and specialized management team , and with competitive prices that suit different groups and segments of society, and work on regional expansion towards the GCC, the Middle East and North Africa in order that (Majdi) products and those that will be added become known successively and trusted by housewives, chefs, restaurants, hotels and central kitchens, to give genuine flavors to their food items.


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