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Pasta Zara

Food and Beverage

High Quality premium product

Pasta Zara.Only the finest. The grains chosen by Pasta Zara represent an all-Italian tradition, renewed year after year since 1898. To make a really good pasta, it takes a durum wheat semolina of supreme quality. An assurance of a safe, good and authentic product.

Product list:

  • Pasta Zara Vermicelli
  • Pasta Zara Penne Rigate
  • Pasta Zara a classic Italian pasta - Gramigna
  • Best quality durum wheat, Pasta Zara’s Spirali pasta
  • Pasta Zara Premium Spaghetti Napoli Pasta
  • Pasta Zara’s Lasagne sheets
  • Pasta Zara Cous Cous
  • Pasta Zara Spaghetti

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