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The rose water comes from the flower of Mohammadi or "Rose Gold". Rose water was first obtained in distilled roses in ancient Iran. Iranians are amongst the first to find out the beauty of the roses and the healing properties of the very far, the sweet smell of calming the hearts and mournful petals of the family has always been the adornment of our colorful tablecloths and the world.

In Kashan, for hundreds of years, flowers and roses have been and are popular among peoples and farmers, and no flower has been praised as a mermaid in the poetry. Today, cultivation of flowers has a huge impact on generating productive employment and production of its products for supply to domestic markets, especially exports to world markets. On the other hand, millions of lovers of roses, both inside and outside of the country, visit the ceremony of flowering and flowering in the region of Kashan annually.

In addition to edible consumption, the warm and moderate nature of rose water also has a variety of therapeutic properties, which are only found in high quality peaches. In addition, in most countries, cosmetics are used and used as a cosmetic cleanser. Rose has wonderful properties and we should be grateful that this tonic and useful ingredient is produced in our beloved country, and it is overwhelming.

Rosewater health benefits:

  • Rose water is a powerful sedative and antidepressant.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory rose water is quite natural. Dermatologist
  • Gel
  • Drops for skin care and removing pores on the skin.
  • Suitable for removing bad breath. Remedies for headache.

How to use rose water:

  • It is used as a flavoring and freshener of desserts, sweets, yellow hays and ice cream.
  • Rose Tea and Rose Tea are a great relaxation.
  • It is mixed with water and sugar as a syrup.

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