Case Studies


Tabasco; one of NTDE’s most prominent success stories. From distribution difficulties, less-than-ideal shelf positioning and out-of-stock issues to a consistently distributed household name with a solid reputation, NTDE was pivotal in changing the game for Tabasco in the UAE. Initial meetings between NTDE and McIlhenny Company - US owners of Tabasco - highlighted potential gaps in their current distribution arrangements and ascertained opportunities for improvement.

Identification of these gaps and opportunities provided starting points for a new approach; a plan was devised and implemented to completely overhaul existing operations and position Tabasco where it should have been from the beginning.

Distribution and coverage were undertaken both horizontally and vertically; orders covered four months instead of the existing two to eliminate out-of-stock issues; the range was labelled in both English and Arabic; product placement was shifted to eye level; PR exercises were undertaken across a range of media. All of these simple yet effective changes ensured Tabasco was able to take its rightful position as a leading product in the UAE.