What We Do

A trusted partner. A fair employer. A committed team. At NTDE, above all else, we are a family-run business offering seamless service and quality products. At NTDE, we focus on providing the highest quality services and products through a seamless logistic and retail chain. To our clients, brands, employees and customers we are a trusted partner, a fair employer and a committed team, with our years of experience and expertise putting us at the forefront of our industry.

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What We Do

As a key distributor, logistics partner, retailer and manufacturer in the Middle East we are ideally placed to offer unrivalled service and quality to international brands. We have extensive market insight and industry expertise, as well as a team of experienced, knowledgeable and seasoned staff who are as committed to our customers as we are.

We are an agile, adaptable and innovative link between suppliers and end customers. We make sure innovative, quality products and services reach our customers in the safest, most efficient, highest quality way but concurrently, we remain entirely committed to sustainability and take our responsibility to our environment and community seriously. To this end, we contribute to our society through what we do and we strive to find ways our business can give back, whether through long-term investments, sustainable practices or our unwavering commitment to customer service.

NTDE proudly boasts a 40-year history in the UAE and today, having been among the pioneers of international distribution in the Gulf, we count some of the world’s most prominent brands as valued partners.

We look to the future confident that our unrivalled expertise, experience and commitment will drive us forward.

Our Mission

NTDE Group is based on a solid foundation of priorities. Each is as important to us as the other, and together they form the ethos that lies behind everything we do.

Our employees Customer Focus

We choose only the best, most experienced and qualified staff for NTDE Group. We reward commitment and loyalty and make sure we take care of not only our employees, but those most important to them - their families - too. We offer ongoing training and development with regular motivational programmes, and take great pride that our staff choose NTDE Group as their career and stay with us long-term. NTDE Group operates as a team and every member of our team, from the top of our organisation to the bottom, is valued for their commitment and contribution. Together, our strength drives us forward.

Our partners Personal Commitment

We are extremely selective in our choice of partners. We choose only those who share our values and priorities and understand our aspirations; those who will become loyal, long-term partners in our global role. We insist on flexibility and agility in all aspects of our operation, including negotiation, and ensure all partners are responsible participants in society. Overall, we aim to create a win-win situation with all our partners.

Our customers Teamwork

We are absolutely committed to providing our customers the best products and services in terms of quality, added value and innovative features. We strive to understand their needs, aspirations and requirements, and exceed their expectations with our product offerings. We aim to offer the best in price, reach, convenience, placement and positioning, and select only the highest quality ventures and projects designed to ensure specific customer needs are met. Essentially, our customers are at the heart of all we do, whether it is new launches, ventures, projects, products or services.

Our society Innovation

At NTDE Group we are responsible, ethical global citizens. We place great emphasis on our privileged position in society and our obligation to give back to our society; we insist on sustainable practices across the board in all aspects of our operations, from human resources through to logistics and distribution, and we select only partners who share this commitment and recognition of responsibility. On a practical level, we establish and facilitate social and community initiatives to help the underprivileged, and ensure our every action gives as much back to our society as possible.

Our commitment to quality Sustainability

We are rightfully proud of our long history of quality at NTDE Group. We are meticulously selective with all of our products, services, ventures and global partners, to ensure only the highest quality with ongoing improvements and innovations. We abide strictly by all relevant international quality standards and practices and obtain certifications to show our clients, customers and partners we are absolutely trustworthy. We follow the EFQM and American model of continuous improvements, and continually invest in our commitment to innovation and progress.

Our Vision

At NTDE Group we are steadfastly committed to growth, sustainability and innovation and have these commitments at the heart of our vision for our future. 

Brighter Future Ahead


At NTDE, our history clearly demonstrates our commitment to growth. Having started from humble beginnings, we have capitalised on our track record of strength, stability and economic prudence at each stage and continuously sought greater challenges to both improve our business and expand. We are proud to report turnover exceeded AED1.4 billion in 2014.

We actively seek to partner with international entities that will embrace our commitment to quality, enhance our business and allow us to grow. Our alliance with Berhad of Malaysia led to the foundation of Integrated National Logistics (INL) and the construction of a third- party facility at Dubai Logistics City, which is now a US$70 million facility serving major areas of the UAE market.

Everyone at NTDE is fully committed to creating ongoing success at all levels, both internally and for our customers and consumers. Led by a team of experienced, dedicated managers and executives, we present a dynamic force looking for the next challenges of our industry and, moving forwards, we have ambitious expansion plans within supply, distribution, logistics and retail. We trust our experience, industry expertise and commitment will ensure a bright future for NTDE.

People Come First


NTDE Group is absolutely committed to the importance of sustainability for our society and, as such, recognises the responsibility we have to ensure as many aspects of our business as possible operate on a foundation of sustainability. 

To this end, we explore all opportunities for the implementation of sustainable practices, from our logistics, warehousing and distribution to our human resources and management. We partner only with those who share this recognition of responsibility and insist our partners undertake the same commitment, as well as ensuring their partnership with NTDE Group brings economic and social development to the Middle East region. 

Committed To Growth


To ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry, we place great emphasis on innovation and progress. As an example, to allow us to enhance our financial and operational capabilities at the same time as increasing the skills and knowledge of our talented staff, we dedicated some US$2.2 million to the development of PALM, our own in-house enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. We insist on staying abreast of all developments and enhancements in our industries and we actively welcome feedback from any and all corners of our business, giving us the opportunity to improve our services and enhance efficiency anywhere we can. 

CEO’s Message

Welcome to NTDE Group. I am proud to introduce you to NTDE’s business in the United Arab Emirates and tell you briefly about the group’s regional and global aspirations. We are a trusted logistics, distribution, retail and manufacturing group based in the UAE, boasting years of experience and a realm of expertise. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing more than 100 global brands and services of outstanding quality to our regional consumers.  

Farid Ahmadi
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Farid Ahmadi

CEO’s Message

Farid Ahmadi

When our customers place their faith in us we commit to delivering their products in the best possible form and representation. Our distribution networks reach more than 8000 business customers and hundreds of thousands of end users every day.  Our logistics facilities include normal, refrigerated and frozen warehouses boasting more than 400,000 square feet of storage space to ensure seamless and reliable storage at all our central and depot locations.  Our extensive, state-of-the-art delivery fleet gives us an outstanding reach and an exceptionally reliable distribution network. As such, we are rightfully proud that some of the world’s most prominent brands are our long-standing partners here in the Middle East. 

On the retail side, the group operates more than 100 retail outlets in 40 shopping destinations across the UAE and Oman through its various lifestyle and F&B concepts.  In line with the UAE and region’s growth in the retail sector, the group is embarking on a major strategic plan to expand its retail portfolio across different categories. Dubai is currently ranked only second to London as the city with the highest percentage of international retailers and the Middle East region continues to show strength as a dynamic retail market.

The group has developed from our humble beginnings into a market leader in its fields. The commitment and dedication of our 2000+ team of employees is our most valuable asset. In line with global trends we have seen challenging economic conditions in recent years but, by maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality and service we are proud to report our business is thriving - with remarkable results over the past few years - and we now have ambitious expansion plans in place across all sectors.

CSR Activities

Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares "We Give Back"

Champion Cleaners goes hand in hand with its strategic partners “Dubai Cares” to give underprivileged children in different parts of the world a healthy start to life and an opportunity to change the course of their futures through the “1 like 1 smile” and the “1 dot 1 smile” campaigns.

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NTDE Group joins hand with Dubai Municipality to make clean, sterilize water available for free. As part of NTDE's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), NTDE has joined hands with Dubai Municipality to put up Sabeel Drinking water stations across UAE thus promoting clean water for the community. NTDE will be launching more than 14 water stations for communities in the UAE.

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