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One of the brave and innovative companies of Turkey, Şölen takes solid steps towards the future with the strength it takes from its brands. Dealing with its every business throughout its 28 years of history full of firsts with the target of being a global player in the region and the world in its mind, Şölen has reached important successes in the international markets with its brands such as Biscolata,Amada, Milango, Ozmo, Luppo, Lokkum, and Nutymax.

Placing always the human being in the focus of business, Şölen offers its over 200 products in the categories of snacks, children's products, souvenirs and treats to consumers of all ages on the racks of over 100 countries.

Making a difference in every business it does passionately and never compromising on its values while doing this, Şölen makes production with almost 2 thousand employees in its facilities in Gaziantep and Istanbul. Having its name written at the top levels of all lists of its sector in both Turkey and the world, Şölen ranks 53th in the Candy Industry TOP 100, which is one of the most important confectionery lists of the world.  Şölen, which has offices in America, Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and regional managements in the Levant Region, Canada and Latin America, has lastly established Şölen USA.

Completing the life with its different products in special days, holidays, any moment of day, Şölen works might and main to leave a significant mark on the consumers' lives.