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June 21, 2023

Hayatna joins hands with NTDE to further boost the distribution of its remarkable products across the UAE

With its wide array of offerings such as fresh dairy products, organic juices, ethnic range, and other innovative products, Hayatna has consistently captured the hearts of discerning UAE consumers. And now, with the formidable backing of NTDE, renowned for its expertise in distribution, logistics, and retail over five decades, Hayatna's distribution capabilities are poised to reach unprecedented heights.

The CEO of Hayatna, Mr. Wasfi Kaso, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “NTDE, has more than 50 years of expertise in distribution, logistics and retail. Through this partnership, Hayatna will be able to expand its retail presence in the UAE and deliver the promise of high-quality products to its consumers. NTDE has a reach that extends to 8000 supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, and more than 300 wholesalers. This kind of infrastructure will help make our diverse range of products reach every household.”

This momentous collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Hayatna and NTDE. With a shared vision of providing high-quality products and exceptional service to the diverse market in the UAE, this partnership promises to deliver a truly unique and extraordinary experience for consumers. Ms. Forough Ahmadi, CEO of NTDE, remarked, “As a homegrown brand, Hayatna’s brand expertise, domain knowledge and manufacturing capabilities are something NTDE will benefit from. Together, we aim to deliver a unique experience to consumers by combining Hayatna's agility in innovation and exceptionally high-quality product range with NTDE's efficient distribution channels and outstanding customer service.”

The Hayatna and NTDE partnership promises to not only meet but exceed the expectations of consumers, as they strive to bring a wide range of exceptional products to every corner of the nation.