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As a pioneer in the health and hygiene sector in the region, Al Sharhan Industries has always set the benchmark. The history of Al Sharhan Group can be traced back to 1968 when the late Ahmed Abdulla Al-Sharhan procured a license to produce aerosol products for Al-Sharhan Aerosol Manufacturing Establishment. With unwavering vision and a keen business acumen, he immersed himself into the project, and in March 1969, Al Sharhan Industries came into being.

Since then we have crossed many milestones and become a true homegrown success story that has gone global. Today, ASI is a brand that dominates the market with our wide variety and range of products.

Kwik Antiseptic Disinfectant

Premium quality of antiseptic disinfectant with Radial Walker power of 3, KWIK A/D is a trusted brand for all types of cleaning and hygiene purposes within home needs, KWIK has an outstanding power to kill a wide range of unseen germs to protect your family and children. View similar products.


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