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The TABASCO® Family of Flavors® traces its roots back to 1868, and to the rich soil of Avery Island, Louisiana, where Edmund McIlhenny first planted pepper seeds. The sauce he made from them became today’s TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce.

The pepper sauce that Edmund McIlhenny created in 1868 on Avery Island is much the same TABASCO® Sauce that is produced today, on that very same site. The basic recipe, the process by which it is made and the ingredients remain virtually unchanged. And five generations of McIlhennys and employees have dedicated themselves to preserving its legacy.

TABASCO has achieved a steady and consistent growth year on year, since its inception with NTDE in 2010 and it has been voted as the Super Brand 2015, enjoying a majority market share in the hot sauce category.

Tabasco is available in all the Key Accounts, selective supermarkets and groceries across UAE. Tabasco is being served in all the major hotels and restaurants.


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