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May 27, 2021


Pedrini is an interpreter of mark characteristic values which lie at the base of its affirmation of always more demanding and competitive markets.

For those attentive to quality, design, function and the products working life, Pedrini offers solutions which unite a great experience in the work of constructive choice and materials in step with the ties, close to today’s life style: modern, dynamically attractive to esthetics which do not want to renounce practical use but make the kitchen the pulsing heart of the home.

More than 80 years of history, between tradition and innovation, between esthetic research and functionality: this, in synthesis is the Pedrini identity.

A company that has known how to rapidly evolve from an artisan company to industry thanks to original ideas, state- of –the- art solutions and a real passion for quality.

The first products demonstrate this like the launch of the first corkscrew with two levers, the success of the line itself became synonymous with Italian influence in the kitchen like ‘Lillo’ and the creations developed in collaboration with famous designers.

The wide variety of pastas includes the pappardelle alla Genovese and tortelli di burrata, while the signature dessert is a pistachio cheesecake.